Double Seal for Glass Lined Reactor

SEAL TYPE: 521/D&521/D/B

Double Seal for Glass Lined Reactor Type 521/D & 521/D/B Mechanical Seals are designed for Top Entry Drives in Glass Lined Vessel. Compact Economical Cartridge Mechanical Seal for Glass Lined Vessel. These Seal specially designed for any mixed and pressurized liquid in Vessel with Top Entry Agitators where no leakage of Highly Acidic Process Gas OR Fluids to the Environment can be tolerated. Complete Pre-assembled Tested Unit ready for installation. These Seal are used for Exclusive Solid Seal Faces, Stationary Seats, thus Lowest Level of Seal face distortion when Expose to Compressive Load and Thermal Pressure.

Balance Pusher Seals which gives better performance in and for Sealing Environment. Double Seals are excellent with Low RPM Operation in Full Vacuum and Pressure. The design may either without bearing (Type 521/D) or with integral bearing (521/D/B). Various Elastomers can be offer for various Liquid applications. These Seals Designed with Cooling Water Jacket which ensure Cool Running of seals.

  • Seal Ring Faces : Carbon and SiC
  • Seat Faces : Ceramic and SiC
  • Elastomer : Viton, TTV, FEP and FFKM
  • Shaft Dia. : 25mm to 150mm
  • Pressure : Up to to 14 bar
  • Temperature : -30°C to 260°C AC (Depending upon Elastomer)
  • Speed: 250 r.p.m.

Double Seal for Glass Lined Reactor - TYPE: 521/D&521/D/B

Double Mechanical Seals