Reverse Balance Multi Spring Seal


Seal Type 73 Mechanical Seals are Externally Mounted Reverse Balance design Seal which having ‘O’ Ring as a Secondary Sealing member. Secondary Sealing member can be changed as per Chemical Compatibility. All Metal Components including spring are Isolated from Aggressive media Sealing. Simplicity in Checkout Function and Cleaning Possibility as this Mechanical Seal located easily access outside the pump. The Single Design Seal can be installing as Dual Back to Back Arrangement and can operate on Low Barrier Fluid Pressure due to its Reverse Balance Design feature. We are the top manufacturer of Reverse Balance Multi Spring Seal.

  • Single Acting Mechanical Seal.
  • Dual Directional Mechanical Seal.
  • Outside Mounted Mechanical Seal.
  • Reverse Balanced Design.
  • Multi Spring design Mechanical Seal .
  • Seal Ring Faces : Carbon and SiC
  • Seat Faces : Ceramic and SiC
  • Elastomer : Viton, EPDM, TTV, FEP and FFKM
  • MOC : SS 316, Hast -C and Alloy – 20
  • Shaft Dia. : 16mm to 70mm
  • Pressure : Up to 8 bar
  • Temperature : Upto 120°C 
  • Speed: 3000 r.p.m.

Reverse Balance Multi Spring Seal - TYPE: 73

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